DTF Direct to Film Prints

Sale price$10.00


  • High-Quality Transfers start at $4.25 per square foot.
  • Gang your artwork up on a single long roll
  • Full-Color Transfers that are easy to work with and ready to press
  • No Setup Fees
  • Extremely Durable
  • Works on Cotton, Polyester, Canvas, Denim, and many more substrates
  • Can be applied to Shirts, Hats, Bags, Shoes, and more.
  • Rush Service 2 business days
  • Standard Service 5 business days

Direct to Film Transfers or DTF Transfers are a great decorating technique for colorful and durable prints on a wide range of garments and materials.

We can either apply them to a garment as a finished product or sell you the transfers to apply yourself.

No weeding or mess, heat press them directly onto the garment. 

Your artwork will print at the submitted size.

Optimal artwork will be uploaded at 300 DPI. Read more about artwork here

When submitting artwork, do not mirror it. We will do that on our end.

Color matching and Pantone matching are not offered. Use color spaces RGB or CMYK only.

If you have a large file too big for the uploader, please email info@swxpress.com, and we will send you a Dropbox link to upload directly without file size limitations.

Instructions For Applying

Heat press at a temperature of 310 degrees for 15 seconds. Certain garments, such as polyester, may require a lower temperature

Our film is a hot/cold peel allowing you to pull the film shortly after press while still warm, or you can let it cool and pull afterward. 

Proper Care For Storing Transfers

Store in a sealed bag or folder in an area with low humidity.

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